New Palestine, IN 



Approx. Grade


U14* (coed)
12-13 years old
Grades 7-8
Practice night determined by the coach.
Practices start week of 8/6.
Ball size 5

U12 (coed)

10-11 years old

Grades 5-6

Practice night determined by the coach.

Practices start week of 8/6.

Ball size 4

U10 (coed)

8-9 years old

Grades 3-4

Practice night determined by the coach.

Practices start week of 8/6.

Ball size 4

U8 Girls

6-7 years old

Grades 1-2

Practice Tuesdays 6:30 starting 8/7

Ball size 3

U8 Boys

6-7 years old  

Grades 1-2

Practice Tuesdays 5:30 starting 8/7

Ball size 3

U6 Girls

4-5 years old

PreK & K

Practice Thursdays 5:30 starting 8/9

Ball size 3

U6 Boys

4-5 years old
PreK & K

Practice Thursdays 6:30 starting 8/9

Ball size 3


Age 3

Developmental league for young children

Practice/Games Mondays 6 pm starting 8/6 ​ 

NPU Recreational Soccer

Fees (through July 16, 2018**

*First Touches (U4) - $70

U6 & U8: $80

U10 and up: $100 (includes jersey kit with shorts and socks)

**After Deadline, fees go up $20.

IMPORTANT: For families with multiple children, it is necessary to create and use the family account in order to receive multi-player discounts ($10 multi-player Family Discount).

More Info on Community (Rec) Soccer

Follow this link for more information from Indiana Soccer on Rec soccer including Player and Coaching tips

Indiana Rec Soccer Link

NPU Recreational Soccer Rules

Click here to view our Rec soccer Rules.

​Parent Education

​Do you want to learn more about the game of soccer? Select this link for helpful articles:  Parent Education Information

Information for Parents new to Rec Soccer

First, you need a uniform.  Here is the scoop on the uniform:

  • The registration fee for U10, U12 and U14 includes a jersey kit with shorts and socks.
  • Reversible Jersey (required additional purchase for U4, U6 and U8): Red on one side, White on the other.  Available new at the concession stand for $22, or at about any garage sale in New Palestine. Your neighbor or your friend probably has a few old ones, so just ask.
  • Shorts and/or Pants (required additional purchase for U4, U6 and U8):  Black is the default color but anything will do.  Soccer pants are made of rip-stop nylon and very durable, but having official soccer pants is not required.  In fact, sweatpants or tights are usually better on cold mornings.

  • Shin Guards (required additional purchase for all ages):  You can get these at  Dicks, WalMart of Meijer.  This is the most important part of the uniform: no shin guards means no play. 

  • Socks (required additional purchase for U4, U6 and U8):  Generally soccer socks are pretty long and cover the shin guards.  If they are really long and your tyke is short, pull them up, strap on shin guards, then pull them down over the top of the shin guards.  Red or black are the official color, but if you are really cool you might have rainbow colors or tiger stripes. Whatever you can find is good, as long as they cover the shin guard.   (For little kids you can get a sock with a 'pocket' inside where you slip in the shin guard: good for little kids who don't like things stropped on their legs).

  • Shoes (required additional purchase for all ages):  you need some sort of shoe that you can run around a muddy field.  Most of the  older kids have cleats, but they are not required.   Many of the younger kids just wear athletic shoes.   If you do use a cleat, make sure it is a soccer cleat.  Baseball and football cleats have a cleat at the toe that is not allowed in soccer. 

  • Warm Gear: if it is cold, wear layers.  Just make sure that your uniform jersey (red or white) is the outer layer so we can see what team you are on.  Hoods must be tucked inside the jersey. 

  • Jewelry:  not allowed.  No necklaces, no earring, no braclets, no rings.  If your child has starter studs that cannot be removed yet, cover them with a small band-aid.  You'd be surprised how often a flying finger catches an earring! Medical alert wear is allowed if properly covered and protected (sweatband etc).

Second, you need a ball:

  • Size 3 for U6 & U8 teams

  • Size 4 for U10 & U12 teams

  • Size 5 for U14 teams

NP United Soccer

Fall 2018 - Important Dates

-​Registration Ends:  Monday 7/16
-Coaches Identified: 7/16-7/28
-Coaches Meeting (required): 7/28 or 8/4 (both 9:00am)
-Field/Goal Maintenance Day: 8/4 - 9:00am

***Calling all Parents & Players***

Practices Begin (U6 - U14): 8/6-8/10

*Children who have not yet turned 3 are too young for our program, and those who have already turned 14 by Aug 1, 2018 have aged out of our league.  The above are estimates and are based upon Indiana Soccer League and US Soccer guidelines.  Please feel free to email the Director of Rec Soccer ( with any specific concerns or requests.

Game # 

Date: U4*

Date: U6-U14